It is essential to keep your car serviced and running well all year round, to avoid car trouble whilst out on the road. However, due to harsher conditions, poor visibility, and more pressure during commuting times, statistically, you are far more likely to break down over winter. Leaving people stuck for uncertain amounts of time, in potentially dangerous places, in terrible weather.
This year the UK is set to be hit with another bad winter, reaching record low temperatures, as well as predictions of heavy rain and snowfall.

You can’t control the weather or the management of the roads, but there are a few things you can do to give yourself the best possible chance of an uninterrupted winter period.

Be prepared for long journeys: it is easier than it has ever been to map out your journey, and even find out beforehand if there are any disturbances, delays or problems on the roads you plan to take. Take the most direct route if it is clear, and leave plenty of time for slow traffic and poor visibility to avoid frustration or trying to rush.

Be prepared for a breakdown: even the best-laid plans can go array in unpredictable weather and unpredictable traffic. Pack a travel kit which includes things like a shovel, a phone charger, de-icer, and high-visibility aids. As well as food, water and blankets in case you need to wait for assistance. Remember, visibility is low – never put yourself in a dangerous position on a carriageway.

Be prepared with breakdown cover: ensure before making any journeys that you have up-to-date breakdown cover, and always keep the relevant documentation or contact numbers in your car.

Prepare your vehicle: Visit PTAutos for your 12-point Winter Service Checklist, so that we can equip your car to be as ready for winter as it can be. Including top-ups and records or all fluid levels, as well as recommending and fitting the best possible tyres, and ensuring things like lights and air-conditioning are working as well as possible.