This time of year is always busy for the roads, and despite the steadily worsening weather, the Christmas-travelling period shows no signs of letting up.

To ensure you can get to where you need to be this winter, make sure your vehicle is Winter Service Checked.

We offer a 21-point checklist, that will give you confidence that your vehicle is safe to drive in the winter weather.

  • The most important of these include:
  • Tyres – We will make sure your tyres are prepared to drive safely in snow, ice and water, without losing traction.
  • Lights – When that winter sun is low, or you are caught out in extreme weather conditions, do you have the best possible visibility? Can YOU be seen clearly?
  • Engine Oil – Don’t get caught out on the side of the road this winter, ensure your oil is regularly checked to ensure engine health.
  • Coolant – We will check and record antifreeze and coolant protection, check for coolant system leaks and make sure your cooling fan operation and heater output is running smoothly.
  • Power Steering – We check your power steering and fluid connection will stand rougher terrains and harsher climates.
  • Exhaust – We check the condition and security of your exhaust.
  • Air Conditioning – Efficiently de-ice and de-mist your vehicle inside and out for optimal visibility, and travel comfortably this winter.
  • Road Test – Finally we will road test your vehicle to cast an experienced eye over the general running, and road performance of the vehicle for ultimate peace of mind.